[Evolution] spamassassin filter question

I used spamassassin successfully in kmail using the following

        The filter setup is the work of five minutes (if that!) if you
        have a working spamassassin set up:
             1. The Filter Criteria in question is "<any header>
                <matches regexp> ." (that's a single dot).
             2. The Filter Action is "<pipe through> spamassassin" or
                "<pipe through> spamc" if you're using the daemon spamd.
                (Note: spamassassin had to be called with the parameters
                -P -F 0 in versions prior to 2.40. These options are now
                obsolete and produce warnings!)
             3. Then, in the Advanced Options, uncheck the "If this
                filter matches, stop processing here" box. If you keep
                this filter at the top, it will analyze all incoming
                mail, decide whether it's spam or not, and flag it
             4. I've got a second filter behind it, which looks for
                "X-Spam-Flag equals YES" and diverts them into a
                specific spam folder

I tried emulating that with evolution's filters but got lost.  Does
anyone have instructions for accomplishing this with evolution's

Arthur S. Alexion <arthur alexion com>
Arthur S. Alexion LLC

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