Re: [Evolution] Can't check my mail anymore

What GNU/linux distribution are you using?  Do you have the full Ximian
desktop installed, or just the minimum packages required by Evolution
(and are you sure you have those?)?

Do you get any error messages if you run evolution from a terminal

You tried killev, now try "oaf-slay"

Just some ideas...

On Mon, 2002-12-16 at 08:59, Noel wrote:
Yes.  I ran "killev" but no luck.

any other suggestions?


On December 15, 2002 09:20 pm, Sulley wrote:

On Sun, 2002-12-15 at 20:16, Noel wrote:
Suddenly I can't use Evolution for email:

- no mail settings come in in Tools->Settings
- send/receive doesn't work
- i can't view the contents of my inbox or other folders

the mail problem was not fixed by upgrading to 1.2.1

any suggestions?

Yes, have you tried "killev" and restarting Evolution?

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