Re: [Evolution] Filter problems

On Sat, 2002-12-14 at 18:23, Mark Nelson wrote:
I've reciently added a second pop account to my evolution configuration,
I've configured the first account (account_a) to download straight into
my inbox and the second account (account_b) to download to a second
folder via the filter mechanism. My problem is that since adding the
second pop account my filters that have worked for a year suddenly have
stopped working. All they do now is move mail between the Inbox and the
folder used as the inbox for the second account.  I've attached my
filters.xml file.  If anyone can tell me what I'm doing wrong I would be

I have similar problems with my filters [Evo1.2.0 on Debian/Sid]. For
some reason, the filters are not run automatically on my secondary mail
account, a local /var/spool/mail mbox. (Yes, the right checkbox is
ticked in mailbox settings). If I mark the emails and run the filters
manually, they work. However, evolution then fails to add the
"x-evolution-source" header to the messages when moving them into local

See also my bug report on bugzilla on related problems with the "source
account" filter rule:



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