Re: [Evolution] some newbie questions

On Mon, 2002-08-19 at 10:05, Richard Holt wrote:

I just started again with Evolution. I've not been able to reinstall
from the files left by the RedCarpet download. Always have to redownload
the whole deal. 
There's a couple of things I've noted, but haven't found in the last
couple of months archives or the online manual. Probably these have been
discussed, so if someone could point me in the right direction.

Using Evolution 1.08 on Mandrake 8.1
1. The Help isn't functional on my setup. Did I leave something out?
I'll keep looking through the installed files to see what I can find.
Only thing that shows is the About box. 

hmm, gnome-help-browser needs to be installed i think.  other than that,
if the help files are in the package it should be ok.

2. Is there a way to fine tune the display fonts in the View Pane? The
Ctrl,+/- work but don't allow increasing to bold.

goto the gtkhtml control centre applet, you can change the fonts there.

3. The navigation keys seem to sometimes get in modes where only the
mouse will work. Are there some keybindings to scroll the Folder pane
without having to use the mouse?

yeah, it does, known issue.

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