Re: [Evolution] ARGH!!!! My account settings!!

Title: [Evolution] ARGH!!!! My account settings!!
There should be a directory called "evolution" in your home directory.  All settings are in there - mostly in a file called "config.xmldb".


On Thu, 2002-08-08 at 02:27, Steve wrote:
Sorry for the ! abuse.

I just had a nasty ext2 filesystem crash and a full restore of my
evolution directory from yesterday's backup, has failed to restore my
pop3 account information. It forces me to re-enter all that data from

Where on my filesystem was that pop3 account data stored? What file
should I restore and what part of evolution's anatomy must I brutally
strangle in order to make it see and read that file so I don't have to
re-enter this information again..?


-- Steve

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