[Evolution] [Evo] using IMAP a la Pine


I'm about to perform a mass-install at a new startup, where Evolution and Opera
with OpenOffice on Debian will replace the traditional Windows applications.

I have a question relating to configuring Evolution:

Pine will be used by remote technical employees, while Evolution will be used by
traditional Windows users, so I would like Evolution to use the Pine mailbox
defaults (e.g. sent-mail, sent-messages-<month>, postponed-msgs, etc.) perhaps
inheriting relevant parts of the .pinerc as well.  Recent Pine releases allow
using IMAP to access both the mailbox and the .pinerc, which I would also like
to reproduce.

Is there a way to perform the above configuration trick?

Also, is there any way to pre-configure Evolution to perform batch installs?  
I'd need to preset certain things like the default mail servers and grep the
user's real name and login from the global NIS/SMB distributed info, so that
making an install would not require manually creating a default mailbox profile
in Evolution.

If anyone feels this question is better suited to the evolution-developper
mailing list, or another list, please feel free to suggest so.

Martin-Éric Racine, Helsinki, Finland.
+358 41 474 0289

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