Re: [Evolution] Very frequent Evo freezes

Le lun 29/04/2002 à 01:20, Not Zed a écrit :

Its pretty unlikely multiple threads are accessing gtk/etc, we know its
not thread safe, so are very careful about using it (as much a mess as
it makes of the code).

Is anyone else experiencing this?  I'm definetly not getting it (yet) -
I very infrequently update gtk/etc though.

gdb seems to be playing up too, perhaps try cvs gdb?  Not really sure

XFree and gnome-libs packages have been updated lately, and I have
xinerama problems ow (my panels cross the entire screen, which is really
ugly as my monitors don't have the same res). Maybe it's not an
Evolution problem after all. It's still really a problem for me.


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