Re: [Evolution] Hooks to external program when adding/changing calendar/contacts

On Thu, 2002-04-25 at 15:50, Pascal DeMilly wrote:
Is there any hooks I could use that will call an external program or a
plugin whenever I make a change to my Calendar. I would like to keep a
web base calendar in sync with Evolution which I use exclusively but for
that I need to be able to know when a change is made. If this feature is
not implemented, I think it could be useful to a lot of people trying to
keep their different program in sync. It could be as simple as calling
an external program with as argument a file name whose XML content would
be made of 2 tags <action> and <ICS>. Then it would be up to the
external program to do whatever is needed with it. 

there isn't such feature/program AFAIK. But, you can easily do your own
program that does it. You'll just need:

* open all calendars you are interested in (cal_client_open_calendar)
* connect to "obj_updated" and "obj_removed" signals in the CalClient
object you created for opening the calendars.
* when the callbacks for those signals are called, synchronize your


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