Re: [Evolution] Setting up Local Inbox


If you are using the shortcut bar, just remove the Inbox shortcut and
copy from your folder view the Inbox folder of your IMAP account. Then
it will look as if your default Inbox is your IMAP Inbox.


On Fri, 2002-04-19 at 04:20, scott andrew wallace wrote:

      I'm new to using evolution, and it seems like a great improvement
over my current mail/calendar combo.  However, there is one thing that I
can't quite figure out.  It seems like evolution expects you to have a
bunch of information on your local machine, in particular, an Inbox.  Why
is this?  All my mail is stored remotely; I can set up an IMAP account,
but is there anyway to either get rid of that Local Inbox, or better yet
replace it with my imap box, or have it point to my imap box?

      This brings me to a second question, when I ran evolution for the
first time I wasn't sure how much I would like it, so I didn't really
spend any time thinking through the setup.  I was wondering if I could
have solved my problem if I had been more careful, so I tried looking for
evolution config files to delete.  Where are they? If I rename my
~/evolution folder, and anything with a related name in ~/.gnome evolution
still seems to know all about me and my initial setup....

      Thanks for the help,


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