Re: [Evolution] dynamic auto-fetch frequency?

You could simple click 'get mail' more often.

On Fri, 2002-04-19 at 14:26, Ben FrantzDale wrote:
Here's an idea. If people like it I'll put it into bugzilla.

My mail volume is irregular. When a mailing list dives into a busy
thread, I can get a message a minute or more. Other times (like at 4AM)
I get a message an hour. When traffic is high I find myself hitting
send/recieve to see if there's new mail.

Rather than having one frequency at which to check mail (eg: every 10
minutes), give evolution a lower and upper bound on mail-check
frequency. Once evolution has downloaded mail, calculate the current
message frequency: X messages per minute. Then check mail again in
min(upper_bound,max(C*X, lower_bound)), where C is some constant. This
would mean you'd predict to get C messages on the next check. The
lower_bound would keep you from hammering your mail server and the upper
bound would prevent it from going hours without checking.

It would make the dialog to control mail fetching frequency more

What do you think? Is this crazy or a decent idea?


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