Re: [Evolution] weired scrollbar behaviour

when reading mails in the preview pane of the
mailer I have the following problem. when I
use the scrollbar to scroll down the current view
one page by clicking into the empty space in
the scrollbar, sometimes it moves one whole page,
sometimes only half a page.

If the focus is in the message list, it scrolls by full pages, if it's 
in the preview pane, it scrolls by half pages. Yes, this is probably a 

this does not work for me. when I select a message from the message
list by clicking on it, the message list should have the focus.
when I then use the scrollbar in the preview pane, the message
scrolls by half a page only. at the moment I can not get it to
scroll a whole page. maybe, when I switch on my computer tomorrow,
it will scroll a whole page all the time, and I can not get it
to scroll a half page.  :-(

or maybe the preview pane gets the focus, when I click into the
scrollbar? but then I never could scroll by a whole page - really
weired for me...


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