Re: [Evolution] Can the Sharp Zaurus sync with evo?

Am Die, 2002-04-09 um 00.26 schrieb Scott Garman:

I took a look at the new Sharp Zaurus today, it's pretty nice. Anyone
know if it's date book/todo/contacts format is compatible with
evolution? The Zaurus uses the network for syncing, I'm guessing you
could even set up rsync to synchronize the files, but I want to know if
anyone has actually tried this yet. 

There is at least a perl scripts available at
that handles the sync and file transfer for you. although i have a
zaurus, I didn't try the script out yet since the usb-patch needed for
the zaurus network connection in the first place doesn't seem to work
with mine as I would like it to.. 

besides that, rsync is reported to work.
some other packages for the Z can be found on

PS: the zaurus is really a gameboy worth buying ;-)


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