[Evolution] Snooping on a snoop ...

I have an interesting dilemma ...

I left my office computer unlocked and evolution running and I think
that a coworker went through some of my mail.  All of my email
(including sent mail) is on an IMAP server (Cyrus 1.5.19).  I looked at
the imap log and saw that my sent-mail folder was accessed seven times
deliberately (since evolution had been open for a while and was checking
for new mail every five minutes and this wasn't logged, it had to be the
other person accessing the folder).

When I considered this, I ssh'ed into my machine, did a 'killev;
oaf-slay' and went looking in the evolution cache of the folder in
question.  Doing an 'ls -lt | less' I see lots of files accessed at the
time in question, but only a few messages where the full headers were
pulled.  My question is, how do I determine which messages were read
based off the contents of the cache?


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