Re: [Evolution] Quitting Evolution does not empty trash mail

This is a known bug (in most cases its merely unreliable than never

Its a lot harder to fix than you'd imagine, and since i haven't worked
out a way to fix it yet, without causing other more serious issues (like
lockup/crash on exit), it hasn't been fixed yet.

On Mon, 2002-04-01 at 23:51, Olivier Hallot wrote:
I noticed that depite having marked to empty trash folder upon exit,
this action is not executed and I get the trash folder full when I
strart evolution again.

Ctrl-E work as designed, though. I am with Evolution 1.0.3 under Linux
MDK 8.1, and Ximian Desktop

Am I missing something? 
Olivier Hallot
Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

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