[Evolution] Folder bar bug or feature

Hi there,

I noticed that in a configuration in which you have your folder-bar
disabled per default, it is - when activated - layered above the actual
folder. It even is no longer bound to the evolution shell, thus - when
you switch virtual desktops - it appears on every desktop you are
switching to.

As I am not quite sure, wether this is intended as a feature, I did not
register it with bugzilla yet. Though I really would expect a different
behaviour: the folder bar should just be like when its sticky, but that
it disappears with the users next action or by clicking the title button

I just noticed the same behaviour with Outlook (so I think it is
intended), though it is not that disturbing there since you can not
switch desktops under windows.

What do you think? Please CC: to me personally since I am not subscribed
to the list.


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