Re: [Evolution] Problems with NFS

I am very interested about that bug (I didn't know about it and I am
kicking myself for not trying it), as my installations all use NFS to
access their home directory.

This is utterly important to fix. Do you know under which bug # this is
register under ? Also does it affect only mailboxes (folders) or all
aspect of Evolution ? As Evolution is mostly a single user program,
could we disable locking on that particular share ? Have you try this ?

Waiting anxiously for more info. In the meantime, I am going to try it
over NFS.



On Wed, 2001-09-26 at 07:50, John Graber wrote:

I found that this has been registered as a bug on Bugzilla - but whether it
is being addressed as a priority is unclear:

I had been happily using Evo for quite some time, when one day I moved my
home directory to an NFS share. . .

Now, I am unable to receive mail due to locking problems with fcntl(2).
This has basically made Evo useless to me.

As a sys admin, this seems to me to be a major issue.  I have been at
several sites where all user home directories as located on an NFS share as
mine are.  I would very much like to make Evo our app of choice for personal
info mgmt. and email but this will prevent that.

What is the priority for addressing this issue?  (Please don't tell me I can
fix it by recompiling with an option!  ;)

Thanks for all the hard work!


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