Re: [Evolution] Why did I have to...?

Am Die, 2001-09-25 um 17.26 schrieb 1001431570:
Why did I have to uninstall Jpilot for installing evolution last
snapshot?...i dowonload the rpm's by Ximian RedCarpet...and when i tried
to upgrade asked me to uninstall jpilot (what i like a
lot)...and i did it..thinking that Evo could sync with my doesnt (at least by default...i guess) the
Evo rpm asked me to uninstall some files...if it can sync with the
The first thing that there is used an other version of libpisock.
Normaly Jpilot is compiled against
You can compile Jpilot with, it will work.
The secound thing...
Kris Newman told me to install the controll center plus from ximian
preview. If you do this you have previous to download libgtkhtml.15 by
hand from the ftp server and to install it with --oldpackage.
After tht you can install the control center an than everything works
The only thing is that you can nothing do with your memos. There is no
programm (as i know) to read the memo database from the pilot.

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