[Evolution] Evolution 0.14 (Beta 4) is out!

The hacking monkeys at Ximian are proud to announce the availability
of the Beta 4 (aka 0.14) release of Evolution.

Now is the time for Evolution to be stress-tested and bug reports to
be submitted.  Remember, prizes will be awarded to those reporting the
nastiest, thorniest, and the most total bugs.  To report a bug, visit
http://bugzilla.ximian.com or use the GNOME Bug Report tool, bug-buddy.

Every Thursday, between 9 A.M. and 9 P.M. Eastern Standard Time (US),
developers and users of Evolution gather to find, isolate, and destroy
bugs.  To participate, open your IRC client and visit the #evobugs
channel, located on the irc.gnome.org server.

Beta 4 continues where Beta 3 left off.  Binary packages have LDAP,
PalmOS, and SSL support built in.  It also has lots of bug fixes,
stability improvements, and speed increases.  In fact, there have been
550 bugs closed in the period between beta 3 and beta 4.  As always,
please report any bugs you find, to help make Ximian Evolution 1.0 the
best release possible.


If you use Ximian GNOME, you can install this version by subscribing
to the Ximian GNOME channel in Red Carpet (System -> Get Software).
(Not all the packages for all the distributions have been pushed at
the time of writing though.)

If you do not have Ximian GNOME installed, you can download Evolution
binaries from our FTP server at


or compile the source tarballs at


For more information, the main Evolution web page is located at


The Evolution development page is located at




  - Lots of i18n fixes.  (Zbigniew Chyla and others)

  - Made the splash screen use BackingStore.  (Ettore)

  - Added a quit dialog box.  (Ettore)

  - Fixed a shell crash that could happen when launching Evolution
    before a previously launched instance was done initializing itself.

  - Fixed other random shell crashes.  (Ettore)

  - Got the shell to remember window geometries on exit.  (Ettore)

  - Fixed some things for Automake 1.5 (unfinished).  (Richard

  - Add nice highlighting to DnD operations in the folder tree.
    (Ettore, Clahey)

  - Fixed several leaks.  (Dan)

  - Fixed some problems with folder creation and deletion.  (Toshok)

  - Made the Summary the default folder.  (Ettore)

  - Made the title bar display the unread message count again.


  - Check for valid addresses before sending. (Trow)

  - Use contact preferences when deciding whether or not to put the
    composer into HTML mode by default. (Trow)

  - Properly address mail from "hidden" contact lists. (Trow)

  - Redid folder unread counts/folder tree backend code
    completely. (Michael)

  - Implemented/fixed getfolderinfo in maildir/spool/local
    folder/vfolder, required to make unread counts work. (Michael)

  - Redid 'local folder' handling code completely. (Michael, Peter)
    Also fixed the properties dialogue to get the list of supported
    types dynamically, and set the right one at startup. (Michael)

  - Redid vfolder code in evolution-mail completely.  Main visible
    change is they open at startup, and the vfolder editor works
    much better.  (Michael)

  - Made it so fcntl(2) locking failures on filesystems (e.g. NFS)
    that dont support locking are treated as success. (Michael)

  - Fix imap inbox filtering, then moved it to CamelFolder, and
    partly implemented it for spool and maildir mailboxes.  (Michael)

  - Made the vfolder UNMATCHED folder's name translatable.  (Michael)

  - Change the way the 'not body contains' filter rule works, so that
    it runs much more efficiently, particularly on IMAP.  (Michael)

  - Camel will not try and convert charsets of data that contain
    invalid charset data, thus data will not be tainted by
    a failed conversion process. (Michael)

  - A few threading scheduling changes to try to optimise the user
    experience.  Also changed the way threads are terminated,
    avoiding some possible libpthread bugs.  (Michael)

  - Changed vfolder uri's to not include the query, set it separately.

  - Removed a lot of special case code for vfolder/file uri's, other
    dead or newly redundant code, cleanups, etc.  (Michael)

  - Fixed a bug in libibex that would overallocate block data and
    corrupt it and crash, also fail-back and reset the index in
    more cases.  (Michael)

  - Fix filtering on score so the expression compiles. (Michael)

  - Removed X-Evolution headers before sending messages.  (Jeff)

  - When configuring a new default account, make sure to set it as the
    default.  (Jeff)

  - Convert all textual parts to 8bit before saving them, this makes
    saved messages more human readable.  (Jeff)

  - Don't cache PGP passphrases unless the user requests to do so.

  - Unsubscribe from folders before deleting them.  (Jeff)

  - Fixed a number of race conditions in the subscribe dialog.  (Jeff)

  - Save transport (SMTP) passwords if the user has asked us to.  (Jeff)

  - Hide the S/MIME frame in the account editor, we won't be
    supporting it for 1.0.  (Jeff)

  - Fixed it so that icons are displayed for PGP messages.  (Jeff)

  - Give a description for each of the Source and Transport types when
    configuring an account. This makes a few things less confusing.

  - When performing a Send & Receive on a disconnected IMAP server, if
    the user provides a password, connect tot he IMAP server and display
    its folders too.  (Jeff)

  - Return a folder info for each IMAP folder created when the user
    creates a recursive directory structure.  (Jeff)

  - Added support for more charset conversions (including all
    Windows-cp125x charsets).  (Jeff)

  - When the disk is full, warn the user and don't crash.  (Jeff)

  - Handle POP servers that don't support the UIDL extension.  (Jeff)

  - Several PGP fixes.  (Jeff)


  - Miscellaneous bug fixes. (Trow, Toshok, Clahey, Ettore, Iain, 
    Zbigniew Chyla, Jacob Berkman)

  - Fixed race conditions associated with adding/removing contacts.
    The addressbook should be much more stable now.  (Trow)

  - Fixed reference counting bugs in addressbook & wombat.  (Trow)

  - Made address lookup smarter; cut & paste of address now mostly works.

  - Plugged Trow's memory leaks.  (Larry)

  - Name completion now works with one-word names, so it is now much
    easier to send mail to Cher.  (Trow)

  - Better handling of contact lists in the composer entries.  (Trow,

  - SelectNames dialog fixes.  (Trow)

  - Better handling of contact lists in the pilot conduits.  (JP)

  - Added Free busy URL and Calendar URI info to contact editor and
    ECard.  (JP)

  - Made it so you can select uneditable text in Contact Editor.

  - Worked on LDAP dialog.  (Toshok)

  - General LDAP work.  (Toshok)

  - Fixed charset handling within VCard handling.  (Clahey)

  - Reworked Drag & Drop for card view.  (Toshok)

Calendar & Tasks:

  - Free/Busy changes.  (JP, Rodrigo)

  - iTIP fixes. (JP)

  - i18n fixes, particularly for printing.  (Zbigniew Chyla)

  - Added option to confirm deletions.  (Federico)

  - Improved alarm system.  (Federico)

  - Fixed crashing bug when deleting a folder.  (Federico)

  - Added option to hide completed tasks.  (Damon)

  - Timezone changes for interoperability with Outlook.  (Damon)

  - Fixed problems displaying/parsing times in locales which don't specify
    'am' and 'pm' strings. (Damon)

  - Added toolbar button to delete the selected calendar event.  (Damon)

  - Meeting selector integrated.  (JP)


  - Fixed bugs and leaks.  (Iain)

  - Fixed bug with handling of the Slashot RDF files.  (Iain)

  - Made the Addressbook and Tasks links open the editor for
    them.  (Iain)

  - Mail summary doesn't force all folders to be opened.  (Iain)

  - Calendar summary shows if an alarm is set for an appointment.  (Iain)

  - Timezone fixes.  (Iain, Damon)


  - Fixed more bugs.  (Iain)

  - Netscape importer shouldn't crash on Movemail users anymore.

  - Pine importer should import addressbooks better.  (Iain)

  - VCard importer will actually import things now.  (Iain)

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