Re: [Evolution] Calendar Events

thanx to all for the feedback.
i think i may have figured out the problem. yes, i go thru the 'Add'
portion, but i believe the alarm never goes off if you have it set to go off
0 minutes before the event. it has to be at least 1 minute before to work.
Jamie LaScolea
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| This baffled me for ages, until my colleague sussed it...
| Here's how you do it:
| Calendar -> New Appointment -> Reminder -> Options [Put your message to
| be displayed here] -> OK -> Add
| The 'Add' bit is very important - the thing is you can have it do
| multiple things, so 'Add' adds what you've just created to the list...
| Hope that makes some sense :)
| > every time i add a calendar event, and set it to display a message X
| > before the start, it doesn't happen. in other words, i _never_ get a
| > alert for an appointment. i'm using RH7.1, sawfish, ximian. is this a
| > bug? or am i totally missing something?
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