[Evolution] Spell Checking for SuSE

The recent conversation about others getting spell checking to work in
Evolution is frustrating cause I can not get spell check in SuSE 7.2

With Red Carpet the computers have the latest available Evo (13.7) for
SuSE.  The Ximian channel for SuSE shows that aspell, aspell-en and
gnome-spell are available.  However these can not be downloaded because
they fail a dependancy for libpspell-impl.so.6

The pspell included with SuSE 7.2 is pspell 12-38 which satisfies
libpspell-impl.so.4   A serch of sourceforge found pspell 12.2 which
also provides libpspell-impl.so.4  I could not find a pspell listed at
the gnome.org.   If the latest version of pspell is 12.2
(libpspell-impl.so.4) then how do others satisfy the dependency for

Has anyone had success getting spell checking to work with Evo in SuSE
and if so, how did you do it?  OR any suggestions on how to get spell
checking to work with SuSE?

Thanks for any help.

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