[Evolution] 8 bit header changes

Hi guys,

I've changed slightly the way evolution handles headers, like subject, etc.

It'll try to convert headers that come in, using the charset defined
for the main body of the message's content-type field, and if that
fails, then use the charset defined for the current locale, and then
if that fails, assume its iso-latin1 or ascii.

This should work ok for most cases:
 - properly encoded 7 bit-clean headers
 - mail sent by a client that uses the mail body 
 - mail sent by a client that uses the locale charset

It wont work in some cases that represent valid mail:
 - Where the subject contains data in ascii format, but the header
   charset or locale charset doesn't overlap ascii.

I can fairly easily fix the last problem by only converting data
that contains 8 bit characters, otherwise assume it is ascii, but
i'm not sure if that would be more inconvenient for some users
(japanese?  korean?); the reasoning being that native language
not displaying right is more a problem than english not displaying
right.  Of course, if its basically impossible to represent real words
in such languages in 7 bits of non-overlapping ascii charset, then it
should only convert if the data is 8 bit.

Let me know if this causes any weird problems.

Its only just been checked in, but should be in the next snapshot.


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