[Evolution] Re: [Evolution-hackers] observations working with beta 4 cvs

On Mon, 2001-09-24 at 05:29, Ron Smits wrote:
some interesting observations.
I am desperatly awaiting a fully functional evolution to switch over. I
would even pay money (:)) to use a product like this. The observations I
have been posting have been made while trying to work with evolution the
way I always work with an email client. Yes, I do consider myself to be
a power user (with more then 3000 mails per week on my work account, I
think I am). For me, if evolution is near perfect, it would be the
central point of work for me. 
If these observations are of no use let me know I will stop with it

        1. add two imap accounts to evolution (Yes, I have two, one for
           home and one for work, seperate servers, both on the local
           network). first give them the name evolution wants to have
           them, This defaults to the email address. then rename them to
           Thuis (dutch for Home) and Werk (dutch for Work), restart
           evolution. the short cut bar now only contains two inbox type
           icons. the others (Summary, Calendar, Contacts and the
           default Inbox) are gone.
        2. stop evolution, remove ~/evolution, stop all supporting
           processes (like gconfd-1, bonobo-moniker-xmldb, oafd etc),
           restart evolution. The first time wizard will kick in. Fill
           in the same info as you did before. Somehow the passwords are
           still known. 

passwords aren't saved in ~/evolution, they're saved in

        3. If you are using an imap account and *not* server side
           filtering, switch off the "check new mail in all folders"
           options in the mails settings. Especially with more then 200
           folders in my work account, this is a tremendous speedup.
        4. Create a filter on incoming mail. Let it have two actions.
           Action one move the mail to another folder, action two change
           the color. When a mail comes it, the mail will be moved, but
           not changed of color. In the inbox you will see the deleted
           message with the changed color.
        5. According to evolution/camel/camel.c, you should be able to
           switch on Debugging by setting the environment variable
           CAMEL_VERBOSE_DEBUG. This does not work.

Actually, it does - but you need to run evolution-mail by hand instead
of having it started via evolution because oafd redirects stderr and
stdout for each component it starts up.


Evolution is getting there, but there is still work to be done

Ron Smits

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