RE: [Evolution] Pilot problem; copy/paste problem

Well, I just uninstalled all pilot-related RPMs, as well as evolution, and
reinstalled it all. Now it mostly of the RPMs was not Ximian so
that was possibly the problem. It just hangs and times out now when updating
the calendar...I'll see if I can't track down that problem and report on it
further once I get some time.


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On Sat, 2001-09-22 at 20:30, DCA Information wrote:
1. After updating to beta 3 of evolution, I now see the evolution pilot
conduits in the Gnome control center. I have set those up; I can
successfully get the ID from my palmpilot (and by the way I had it
working just fine for the last couple years with Jpilot, which the
install of beta 3 removed apparently due to some library conflice...),
and the gpilot-applet and gpilotd daemons are running. But when I try
and hotsync by pushing the cradle button, the pilot hangs at
"identifying user". I've tried a number of things, including deleting
and reinitializing the pilot link info, but to no avail. "Local Basedir"
defaults to ~/MyPilot. There's nothing in this directory (probably
because I haven't successfully hotsync'd!). This is, by the way, on

Can you drop to the command line and do the following:
1. killall gpilotd
2. gdb gpilotd
3. "r" to run it
4. Sync

See what it spews out.

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