[Evolution] error: failed to get lock using fcntl(2)?


I have a problem: my mailbox in evolution seems to have died....
I used evo-0.10, checked my e-mail as usual and.. well.. the mail component
died when trying to read my mail... So I upgraded to 0.13, and now, when I
try to read my mail, I get this message (in a popup-error-window):
Error while 'Retrieving message 11915':
Failed to get lock using fcntl(2): Resource temporarily unavailable
So basically, I still can't read my email. Do you guys have any clue on
what I've done wrong, what I'm doing wrong or maybe on how to fix this?

Uhm, besides that, when trying to build 0.13,
calender/gui/dialog/meeting-page.c had a compile error so I changed the
function e_table_simple_new() in there by adding the three missing
arguments (NULL as argument 3/7/8), but I guess that has nothing to do with
this, does it?

Thanks in advance,


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