Re: [Evolution] configuring IMAP folder directory

Oh yea, and you'll probably want to tell Evo to only list subscribed
folders (I think that's the default?)


On Fri, 2001-09-21 at 16:03, Sidney Markowitz wrote:
I have installed Evloution beta 3.

I run IMAP2000 on a server. My IMAP folders are kept in my home
directory on the server under ~/Mail. I configure most IMAP clients by
specifying the server name and specifying Mail for the server's IMAP

The Evolution configuration seems to have no place to enter the
directory name. When I try to list folders, it tries to get everything
in my entire home directory tree and crashes.

I found a reference to this problem in the July 2000 archives of this
mailing list. In that message someone said he added "/Mail" after the
server name and it worked, but the response said that the problem was
about to be fixed and now that syntax does not work.

So how do I specify a directory for the IMAP server?

  -- sidney
     sidney sidney com

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