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Maybe have it in the "Help"... then "Debug Mode"  something like
that... or from commandline switch that would activate this mode?
sorry if this has nothing to do with evolution.


--- "Rory D. Hudson" <rory zumiez com> wrote:
Ok let me try to clarify what seemed to create the problem and what
currently is the problem.  

I was working in Contacts, and I needed to create a category to
to a particular contact.  So I went into the Edit Master Category
area and I added a category titled Stores.  However, when I did
this the
machine appeared to lock up.  I then did a killev, upon restarting
Evolution everything appeared to work fine, e-mail,
when I go into my Contacts and then try to move back to e-mail or
Calendar, Evolution switches to what I selected but locks up and in
upper right hand corner there is a item that says the number of
that are in my Contacts.  It appears to me that something is
causing the
Contacts not to totally terminate itself.  Any ideas?  I am
desperate to
get this fixed, please let me know, and thanks for your help.

Rory Hudson
Information Systems
Zumiez, Inc.

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To: Rory D. Hudson
Subject: RE: [Evolution] Trouble with Contacts

On Thu, 2001-09-20 at 18:51, Rory D. Hudson wrote:
I have just downloaded cvs version 2001. from Red
I am still experiencing the problem with Contacts causing my
Evolution to Freeze.  Should this be fixed?  Or am I missing
else.  Please let me know, thanks

Hmm... it could be a different bug.  Or maybe I didn't do such a
job fixing the original bug after all.

Is the problem occuring when you scroll with a mouse wheel?  Or
does it
happen when you drag on a scrollbar?


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