[Evolution] Re: Addressbook problems: Was Trouble with Contacts

What version of the address book are you using?

Remind me of how to find the version on my machine.

I'm wondering if it's worth downgrading to the previous stable version
of Evo.

Is anybody else that you're aware of having similar Evo address book

This whole thing sounds like an addressbook version issue to me. Thing
is, why was the addressbook not updated during the RC update?  Probably
because Ximian are relying on test-users to do a manual addressbook

I'm unimpressed with Ximian software right now.  Even their web site is
"stuffed up".  Links don't necessarily go to what I think is the right
place.  I tried to find the binaries for an updated RC.  Couldn't find
any!  Web site had links to download RC, links pointed to Desktop
download page.  I downloaded the source in the end, but prefer to have
version control through RPM.

What's your version of RC, mine's red-carpet-
I'm currently having the sort of problems where RC won't connect to the
ximian server. RC was having problems living next to my current version
of Evo.  When Evo crashed, RC crashed.

This is not a good advert for Ximian software!

On Thu, 2001-09-20 at 14:07, Gonyou, Austin wrote:
One thing I've noticed about the latest RC snapshots with LDAP support is
that the address book won't pull from LDAP sources. I have a single ldap
server defined in "Address book Sources" and when I write a new email, click
"To:" to bring up the contacts list. Only "Contacts" is listed for the list
to search from. Should the LDAP sources be in there too? 

To make a long story short, it seems as though the addressbook is a
hinge-point for these issues?

Austin Gonyou
Systems Architect, CCNA
Coremetrics, Inc.
Phone: 512-796-9023
email: austin coremetrics com 

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I am having similar problems with the contacts to yourself.

I've just upgraded my Evo using Red Carpet to version -


I've found that when I try to scroll across the contacts window, then
the whole of Evo freezes.   In fact, within Gnome, I can't do a thing
then.  I had to go to one of the other text consoles (Ctl Alt 
F2 etc) to
get a command line and kill off Evo.

I have seen in Red Carpet that there is a contacts database 
update which
is only seen as an INSTALL not as an UPGRADE.  I wonder if this is the
cause of the problem?

I haven't installed the database upgrade (db3 or 4?), not wanting to
lose my contacts AGAIN.  Perhaps I need to install this anyway?

On Thu, 2001-09-20 at 01:17, Rory D. Hudson wrote:
Hello there everybody...

Well once again I am enjoying the progression of 
Evolution....However, I
have encountered one large problem.

I have just updated via Red Carpet to CVS version
2001. now when I click on Contacts and then move
back to another component (either mail, calendar, tasks, 
etc).  It hangs
and freezes evolution totally in fact in the right hand 
corner it still
says the number of cards that exist within Contacts.  Looking at the
text screen I get the following error message:

Evolution-shell-WARNING**:Cannot unregister component -
OAFIID:GNOME_Evolution_Addressbook_Shell Component. 

 I have already tried oaf-slay and removing the 
addressbook.db file. If
anybody could please offer me help that would be 
fantastic!!! Thank you
very much.


evolution maillist  -  evolution ximian com


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