Re: [Evolution] x509 Certificate Verification

We can't display that extra bit of information because the library
itself doesn't tell us. Evolution is in the dark just as much as you


On Thu, 2001-09-20 at 15:29, James Morton wrote:
      When Evolution fails to verify a certificate's authenticity, it
displays a generic "Failed to verify" message, but it would be much more
helpful if it were a bit more verbose about why it failed.  In my case,
I'm using a self-signed certificate for TLS w/ Postfix & Courier IMAP.
It would be helpful if Evolution had a certificate import function, a la
Netscape Messenger(Where you can specify whether to keep the
certificate, etc).  Actually, a utility to import external CA
certificates would be even better, but not a necessity:)

 - James

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