Re: [Evolution] Still problems with unread counter in Sept 19th snapshot

With the 0918, the number is decreasing (just tried it once) but NOT
generally accurate, and all folders are missing the (##) until I click
on them.  

I haven't been focusing much attention on this bug, but earlier today 4
new messages arrived in a folder which already had at least 2 "unread"
(I had probably re-marked them as unread to deal with later) messages
that had been there for a while.  When the new messages arrived, the
non-bolded folder name suddenly bolded and displayed (4).  Upon opening
the folder it remained at 4 and then I believe the count decreased as I
read them.

I'm surprised... there seem to be so many different issues with the new
message count for folders.  The good news is that the behaviour for
arriving new messages seems greatly improved... I actually get notified
when new mail arrives in most of my folders.  I'm not ready to say ALL
folders, I'll have to watch more carefully.  

Of course without a Mozilla-style colored arrow next to the folder, I
have to watch the numbers very closely when I check mail because most of
my folders have some unread messages already, so it's a little hard to


On Wed, 2001-09-19 at 20:18, Michael Leone wrote:
I just updated from the Sept 13th snapshot to the Sept 19th snapshot, on
RedHat 6.2. I'm now getting the new mail/unread mail indicator on the
folder list again (yay!), but it is NOT decreasing when I read the new
mail (boo!). 

Ah, well. Back to the old snapshot.

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