Re: [Evolution] Problems with international characters and conduits

On Wed, 2001-09-19 at 15:15, Otto Tronarp wrote:
I have problem with international (åäö) characters and the pilot
conduits. If I have an palm entry with a åäö in and copy that to evo 
the åäö and the following character get substituted to a _ in evolution.
If I have en entry i Evo with an åäö in it and copy that to the pilot
the åäö get substituted to some strange character.

Is this a known problem or is it something wrong with my installation?

It is most likely because your pilot-link does not contain the char set
conversion routines.  If you look at pi-config.h you will probably see
that HAVE_ICONV is not defined to be 1.  I'm working on a configure

JP Rosevear                             jpr ximian com
Ximian Inc.                   

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