Re: [Evolution] Odd 'Reply' Behavior

I am also experiencing this.  If I focus the curosor on the 'To' field
and hit the backspace key for the last letter it will pop up the address
book choices to click.  This has proven quicker then going all the way
back to the address book.  But yes, I'm getting the same thing.  This
doesn't happen when the addresses in the 'Cc' field are in the address
book, though.

I haven't observed the second behavior (yet).

(Mandrake 8.0 on linux SMP w/ gnome 1.4 + enlightenment, evo 0.13)


On Fri, 2001-09-14 at 08:08, David G. Simmons wrote:

I am seeing some odd behaior when I try to Reply to messages where the
sender is in my addressbook (and only to those recipients that are IN my
addressbook). When I hit the Send button, I get a message popping up
that I must specify an address. I then have to delete the address from
the To: field, and re-enter it, at which point the message gets sent.

Occassionally (apparently randomly) when I double-click on the address
in the To: field to delete it, ALL fields in the header (To: CC:
Subject: disappear and the entire header area goes gray.

Before I file a bug, anyone else experiencing this? I am Running the
latest snapshot available for Solaris 8.


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