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answering my own message but hoping somebody will still enlight me :-) on LDAP.

Looking at the source code I unpacked from the evolution 0.13.99 rpm I
saw that the schema should be evolutionperson.schema. A quick look on
google gave me the location of that file. Adding that schema to my
slapd.conf file was the key to access my ldap address book. (If anybody
needs it I will attach it to a follow-up message. However I have no idea
if it is current).

But still I have some questions. 

Looking superficially at the ldap code it seems to me that if my ldap
server was not supporting evolutionperson objectclass, the
check_schema_support looks for support for inetOrgPerson, Person or
OrganizationPerson. If any of the object class is supported, connection
to this ldap server is established. 

However it did seem to work for me as I was only able to access my ldap
address book when I added support to evolutionperson. As I am new to
LDAP, I am sure that somebody will point quickly to my mistake.

Also when opening a card, I don't have access to some fields like phone
numbers, e-mail Changing the fullname and some other evolution specific
fields works fine. I can see the values but the field is grayed out
(disabled). What do I need to do to be able to change a phone number or
e-mail address ? Is it because evolution use a different attribute
(primaryphone) over the standard (?) telephonenumber of te objectclass
person ?

Thanks in advance


On Thu, 2001-09-13 at 14:31, Pascal DeMilly wrote:
As you might guess by my message, I'm new to LDAP. I have been trying
since yesterday to get evolution working with OpenLDAP 2.0.11 on Redhat
7.1 but haven't had any luck yet. 

My problem seems that I need to tell my slapd server the schema that
evolution needs. (I am currently able to search my LDAP with a simple
query from the command line). 

But I cannot find this schema anywhere. Also I think I need to better
understand SASL as it seems that my server is configured to use it. When
doing an ldapsearch from the command line, only when using the -x option
does the search work. Does aybody knows how to set it up on my client or
how to disable it at the present time as I will only be testing LDAP on
an Intranet for the moment.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.



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