[Evolution] LDAP Question/Certified Mail Question

1)  My many thanks to Aaron for allowing me to have access to the
limited documentation for Evolution.

Looking thru the Documentation, I find....

To prevent excess network traffic, Evolution will not normally load the
contents of LDAP folders immediately upon opening. You must click
Display All before LDAP folder cards will be loaded from the network.
You can change this behavior in the Contact Preferences window. 

But, I cannot find a "Display All"  Option anywhere.  

I do have a seperate folder for my LDAP stuff, and I have to open that
folder in order to have the search find information there.

Is there not someway that I can search both the contact folder and the
LDAP (Other Contact folders) at the same time??

2)  Is there a "Request Return Receipt" or something like that in
evolution.  I would like to know if someone has read my message, like I
can with netscape?


City of Kenosha, Wisconsin USA, IS
mailto: tig kenosha org

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