[Evolution] More Contact Problems

Hi again,

Just an addendum to my last message.

- I selected all contacts (including a couple of contact lists) and did
a 'Forward Contact' to myself.  The message arrived with an attachment
that said 'address card attachment, "Multiple VCards".  When I saved it
in my address book it saved them all as a contact LIST with the name of
one of the contacts as the name of the list.  Now, I will admit that
this would be an easy way to create an email list, but I think I would
prefer to be able to send multiple separate contacts in a single


Mark Logan
Project Manager BioInformatics
Visible Genetics Inc.

Phone: (416)813-3240 x4133
Fax  : (416)813-3249
Cell : (416)274-1559
Email: mlogan visgen com

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