[Evolution] App for decoding winmail.dat

I wanted a simple and easy way to get attachments out of Outlook's and
Outlook Express winmail.dat's so I modified one of the Tcl/Tk demos to
do it for me. If you want it to be launched directly from Evolution do

1. Download and install the TNEF decoder. It is available from 


If you are Mandrake or RedHat user you can download the TNEF RPM from 


2. Download 


Chmod it to 700 or 755

Edit tnef.tcl and change entries in it to appropriate values ie.

set TNEF_HOME /location/of/tnef/binary

set EXTRACTION_DIR /home/joe/tnef-attachments

You should make

3. Open GNOME control center

a) Go to Document Handlers->File Types and Programs

b) Click on Add New MIME type

c) In the new window put

Mime Type: application/vnd.ms-tnef
Description: TNEF decoder 

Click OK

d) Under Default Action

Click Edit List

e) In new window click Add Aplication

Application Name: TNEF decoder (or whatever you want to say)
Application Command: LOCATION of tnef.tcl script ie. /home/joe/tnef.tcl
Click OK.

Next time you receive an attachment you will be able to simply say "Open
TNEF decoder". When the app opens the only thing you can do is say
"Extract" (or double click on any file which will extract) or "Close"

Disclaimer: The Tcl/Tk script leaves a lot to be desired. It is buggy
which is what you would expect from someone who hasn't programmed in
Tcl/Tk in 4 years and something that took 20 minutes to do plus 15
minutes to write this e-mail :-). There is no error checking. You have
been warned.

Anyways I hope this is just a temporary solution and that Evolution
programmers will simply integrate TNEF code so we can open files
directly from Evolution :-).


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