Re: [Evolution] Re-opening attachments: bug 9063

Doh. Didn't notice you'd been the one to file it :)

On Thu, 2001-09-06 at 13:48, Ujwal S. Sathyam wrote:
I have filed bug 9063 that describes a problem with re-opening
attachments in external viewers. Say for example I want to open
PowerPoint document in StarOffice. I can open it the first time. But if
I close the document in StarOffice and attempt to re-open it from
Evolution, I get an error that says:

Could not create temporary directory: File exists

In fact, I can't open any attachment in any other mail after that once I
open and close the first attachment.

I have to quit and restart evolution to be able to open the attachment


Luis Villa
Ximian Bugmaster
"Quality is an amazing bridge because it is universal in its language."
Thomas Corcoran

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