[Evolution] crappy modal-ness

this might be more of a gnome thing (or maybe even sawfish, the wm i'm
using), but it happens to me all the time in evo so i thought i'd start
here.  btw, i am running with ffm (the only way to use a mouse!)

it seems like the focus behaviour (particularly of the preview pane) is
really getting annoyingly belligerent.

for eg.  i wanted to create a new filter.  i have the relevant email
visible in the preview pane.  i click on 'Tools->Filters' and the
filters dialog comes up.  i click on 'Add' and the add dialog box comes
up.  i move my cursor back to the preview pane, only to find out that i
cannot highlight the address from the header info to paste into the
filter criteria!  i can change folders, but not select anything from the
darn preview.  if i close the 'add filter' dialog, then i CAN highlight
the email address.

whats up with this?  i have noticed more and more instances in evo
particularly where there are some very annoying modal-like issues like
this.  i say modal-like because it isn't exactly modal, but some of it

one of the most annoying things about windows is that everything is
modal.  this may work fine for the average windows user, but in reality,
other than to 'dumb-down' the interface, there are no valid reasons for
anything being modal.  i had never imagined i would find anythign quite
so annoying, but this half-modal is pretty close... ;-)

anyway, if anyone can suggest to me who this should get reported to, i
will do my duty and submit it.  i have been meaning to, but only just
now got fed up enough to start the process.



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