Re: [Evolution] Problem viewing attachments with latest snapshot

On Thu, 2001-09-06 at 08:08, Noel Poore wrote:

If I try to view attachments by launching a viewer rather than viewing
inline, I get an error "Could not create temporary directory: File
exists". It doesn't matter whether I have viewed the file inline or not
- it happens with attachments (e.g. .xls files) for which there is no
inline viewer. This always worked for me before.

I'm using the latest snapshot (2001. under Red Hat 7.1.

I saw the exact same thing when viewing a message from this list the
other day.  The msg had two jpg files attached.  The first one I could
view with ee, the second one gave me the above error.  I could however,
view the second image in-line.

Mike Leckey, Jr.        rml phxlab honeywell com        602.231.1685
Honeywell Engines & Systems                             Phoenix, AZ

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