Re: [Evolution] Latest update, double-click won't open emails

Same here. I just updated to the 09050708 package on RedHat 7.1. 


On Thu, 2001-09-06 at 11:04, Noel Poore wrote:

I get the same problem, latest Red Hat 7.1 snapshot from Red Carpet.


On Thu, 2001-09-06 at 08:23, John Harlow wrote:
I downloaded an update yesterday (0.13.99 (cvs .2001. and
most things came thru unscathed.

Now however, I can only open messages by right clicking and selecting
open (or by using ^O.)

Not life threatening, but tedious.

Is there a configuration spot where I can fix this?

I haven't located it so far.


Kris Newman    kris khaosx com

Do not meddle in the affairs of sysadmins, for they are
subtle, and quick to anger...

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