[Fwd: [Evolution] Daily Dilbert hangs evo?]

Hi again

I just read my message and decided that a little more information might
be useful :) Sorry but I'm a little sleep-deprived this morning...

When I click on the Dilbert message it is selected in the message list
but not displayed and I cannot then select a different message. If I
click on, say, Calendar, the icon "depresses" but evo does not switch to
the calendar view.


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From: Noel Poore <noel savaJe com>
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Subject: [Evolution] Daily Dilbert hangs evo?


I just received my Daily Dilbert fix, and evo hangs when I try to read
it :(

I'm running 0.13.99 [+cvs.2001.] off RedCarpet on Red Hat 7.1

Is this happening to anyone else?

Noel Poore
VP Technology
SavaJe Technologies

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