Re: [Evolution] Crossover plugin

A similar problem was reported in IRC last week. Their report was
similar- works in nautilus, but not in evo. I suggested they test it in
galeon- it failed there as well. I'm completely unfamiliar with
gnome-vfs, but it looks like (since it fails under galeon and evolution)
the problem may be on their end. I believe this was filed against the
codeweavers bugzilla, BTW, so you may want to look there.

On Tue, 2001-09-04 at 15:35, Mark Logan wrote:

I bought the Crossover Plugin from CodeWeavers last week.  It works
fairly well.  However, I'm having a problem.  The main reason that I
bought it was to use the Word and Excel viewers.  Basically they provide
a script that will start the word viewer and then they associate it with
the appropriate extensions.

So far, so good.  This is where the problem hits.  When I get an email
with a word document attached I try to use the word viewer.  The correct
list of options appears (see attached picture) but it doesn't actually
do anything.  If I choose "open with..." in Nautilus and select the Word
Viewer, it works fine - so I'm assuming that the problem is with
Evolution.  The AbiWord option works fine b.t.w.

Any ideas?


Luis Villa
Ximian Bugmaster
"Quality is an amazing bridge because it is universal in its language."
Thomas Corcoran

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