[Evolution] A Couple of things for 1.0

Hey there.

Evolution is shaping up very nicely, and it has been great using it the
last many months. There are however two features that are sorely lacking

1) The ever reemerging issue of IMAP folders in the Summary window. They
used to be there, then for several releases (and still now, even), they
were missing. Please get them in there before 1.0? ;)

2) My Boss would very much like to be able to drag a mail message into
onto the ToDo button and have it added as en item there. Subject should
be the text shown for the task and the body of the mail should be put in
the 'description' field, available upon doubleclicking.

Darn, I'm going to have to revise that 'two'. A couple of less serious

3) General drag'n'drop onto shortcuts, not just the 'true' folders..

4) Last I tried the Netscape import filter, it took forever for my
approximately 130MB of mail, devided in a range of folders and
subfolders, and the end-result wasn't even usable. This was with 0.15.
Seeing some of the other messages here, it would seem it should be a
faily easy task? It didn't generate an intermediary 'subfolders' folder,
though. I'm pretty sure of that.
I'm trying to prune my netscape mail, but it will still probably be 100
MB for import. Is this feasible, and how do I best go about it?

5) What about all my Netscape filters? The didn't seem to be imported
the last two times. I'd really like to have them 'join me' in evolution.

6) At LinuxForum 2000 in Denmark, Etore mentioned (to my recollection)
the ability to define what folders might show HTML messages. Is this a
strictly POP3 feature, because there doesn't seem to be any such toggle
on IMAP folders?

7) I'd like very much to be able to select an LDAP data source as my
primary Contacts, and when clicking on 'To:' and 'Cc:', I'd like to be
able to select from every data source I have defined. I'd also like for
predefined data sources like Bigfoot and all those to stay gone, if I
delete them ;) - Haven't checked this in a while, but they kept

8) A minor nitpick. Why not show stories inline in the summary view when

Okay, that's it for now. Keep up the great work ;)

/Martin, Liga ApS, Denmark.

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