Re: [Evolution] OT: Development Environment

On Mon, 2001-10-29 at 16:57, John Ehrlinger wrote:
I'm also real interested in this. Any pointers, URL's. 

Knowledge is power!

I answered the first poster off list, so since there is more interest I
will do it on list.

I seriously recommend joining the gnome-love mailing list.  It is
intended to help new GNOME developers get started.  It has a lot of
skilled developers on there ready to answer all the questions and help
find starting points and info.  I am sure it is a much more relevant
list for these questions than the evo users list!  Also a lot of the
gnome-love experienced people are our much loved monkeys.  I think the
original list was Miguel's idea and Chema does a lot there now.

Right now the list is kind of quiet... Chema wants new new hackers to

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