Re: [Evolution] Applying filters automatically


I see, thanks for the explanation.

I still think a "cron-job" style application of filters to your Inbox
would be useful. It could be a filter-specific, to avoid some of the
problems you refer to below.

My specific case is that I get hundreds of automatic monitoring and CVS
commit messages each day, and frankly I want them filed away without
ever seeing them in my Inbox.

Thanks again, Dave.

On Thu, 2001-10-25 at 20:24, Dan Winship wrote:
On Thu, 2001-10-25 at 15:10, Jeffrey Stedfast wrote:
IMAP filters are only applied when *new* mail arrives in the INBOX
folder - what I mean by *new* is that the server declares them as
"\Recent" or whatever.

Ah, right, that's probably your problem. The IMAP server will tell
Evolution a messages is "Recent" if this is the first session to be told
about that message. But if you connected earlier from another IMAP
client, then it won't be Recent when Evolution sees it.

The reason we only filter Recent messages is because you might have a
"mark messages from my boss as Important" filter, but if you turn the
flag off by hand, you don't want Evolution to re-mark it next time you
start up. (Likewise for if Evolution filters a message into another
folder, and you decide to move it back to INBOX.)

-- Dan
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