[Evolution] Problems with last 3 snapshots

The latest snapshot for RH 7 - snapshot 2001.10.24 - has the
"disappearing toolbar" problem come back. Only this time, switching to a
different folder, and then back to the original folder does *not* bring
back the toolbar, like it did before.

Also, the previous 2 snapshots seem to have a problem with large emails
- large being defined as 300+K email digests.

I get the Mandrake Newbie and Mandrake Expert mailing lists as digests,
which average 300K or so each day. I have folders for both, defined as
maildir format. I filter incoming mail into these folders. That part
works perfectly.

The last 2 snapshots have had problems *sometimes* when I click on a
digest. Sometimes I see no preview in the preview pane. Sometimes I do,
but double clicking on the email opens a blank window - no message text.
At which point, I can't close the window, and must su to a term, and
issue a "killev" and "oaf-slay".

But sometimes it does work as it should - I see the preview;
double-clicking opens a new window with the email text. It also
sometimes works if I right click on the message in the message list
window, and choose "Open" from the context window that comes up.

I *hate* intermittent errors. :-(

Using KDE 2.2.1 on Mandrake 8.1. Anybody else having any problems like


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