Re: [Evolution] New lock icon implies authentic sig

It didn't seem too much overhead to just run gpg/pgp and
display the appropriate icon.  Having to grab the mouse to validate a
signature is (IMO) an annoying regression.

It's not a bug, it's a feature. If the message told you whether or not
it was valid when you first looked at it, then you wouldn't ever bother
to click, and so someone could send you an HTML message that just looked
like it was signed but really only had a static "Yup, it's valid"
graphic embedded in it.

What it really needs is a keybinding to verify, but well, we need lots
of keyboard navigability. Maybe in 1.1.

Am I the only one who liked the original wax seal icon?

The big problem, as you said, is that it's too big. We just stole it
from Red Carpet temporarily until we could get our own graphic.

I agree that locks may not be the right idiom for signing though.

-- Dan

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