[Evolution] Inovative Feature Request

I used to use a contact manager that was shipped with an early version
of the Wordperfect office suite before corel bought them. I would still
be using it if it had only integrated email. I would even be tempted to
keep my contacts on a windows system still if they had integrated a
decent email program into it. It had what i consider the most innovative
interface i have every seen or used. It was addictive to use.
It allowed you to specify relationships between objects in the database
and keep track of them in a graphical manner, a very very simple and
easy to use graphical manner. 

what would happen is that there was a pane in the program that had a few
basic categories showing by default. it would look something like below

+scott carle (a basic category in which you were the category
+etc (basically any group or category you could think of you could

if you clicked on the plus under scott carle it would look like this


if you then clicked on family it would look something like this


and if you expanded the information on one of them it would show you
who/how/what they were related to. this worked for projects, business
contacts etc.... and if you double clicked on any name it pulled up
their contact info etc.. like their vcard type information.

with this if i had forgotten someones name i had talked to a few weeks
ago or a year ago that worked for a particular company i could just
expand the link for that company and it would have a category for
employees.. and that person would show up as an employee..... or in
reverse if i wanted to know what company they worked for i could expand
their information on one of  categories would be company and it would
show me name of  company. 

Basically any object such as a person, organization, project, etc..
could be created and then linked to any other object in the database
with a relationship which you could specify. and the GUI interface let
you follow the relationship links rather than having to know those
already to find someone. if i wanted to know my friends sisters husbands
brothers name all i had to do is follow the link from him to family
under which his sister would show up and then under her to family under
which her husbands name would show up and then under her husbands name
would be a family link that would show his brothers name. 

a search such as that would take about 3 seconds just clicking with a
mouse on the + signs next to the names and relationships.

most likely i still have a copy of that program floating around if
anyone is interested in seeing it. if this type of feature is of
interest then you probably would want to see it so you could use it as a
pattern. It is hard to describe verbaly.
When i first saw it i thought it was the most intuitive and flexible
system for contact management that i had ever seen. Since corel bought
out wordperfect from borland it disapeared. they went to the corel
central product which sucked. and i ended up going to outlook which did
a good job of basic contact management and email and calandering. Now i
use Evolution.

I think that if you could add in the ability to view and link
information in the contact database like this that you would go from a
killer app that is like outlook..... to a revolutionary product that is
the next generation of contact management. you wouldn't even need to
change the outlook like features and interface that you already have.
just add another window like the summary window that offers the ability
to follow relationships in it.

Scott Carle
Carle Enterprises, Inc.
Carle Computer Consulting
Cell 843-995-0533

May we live life with open minds open source and open standards!

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