Re: [Evolution] A suggestion...

You should turn on the option to "Hide Deleted Messages".

On 24 Oct 2001, Jorge Salinas wrote:

Hi...this is a suggestion about deleting messages...
When u have the preview pane enabled and u have only one message, and u
delete the message...this can be see it even after it's been
deleted...and i think it shoould dissapear form the previe pane...i know
when u delete a message, is not exactly a "delete" like a
filter and the filter is not aplied yet...but, i don't doesn't
look good that u have deleted the message and u can still see it...
The same about delete a message when u have a window with it...and u
delete the message, and it was the only message...the message dissapears
but the window is still there but with nothing in it...i think it should
dissapear too...

Just suggestions...;-)

p.s.:sorry about my english...
Jorge Salinas
jst ing puc cl

evolution maillist  -  evolution ximian com

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