Re: [Evolution] Crash in latest snapshot

On Tue, 2001-10-23 at 15:36, Mark Logan wrote:

I installed today's snapshot (0822) and when I tried to move a message
from the inbox to another folder I got a great big Kaboom!  It happened
as the list of folders was trying to draw itself.  I was using the
'move' menu item.

Is this a known issue?  If not, what details would you like?

I'd had this since about Friday (anon cvs), but today it's gone. 
Picking the Move toolbar button would immediately crash the mailer, but
`right click-Move to Folder' would perform the move before crashing
everything (I only tried this in IMAP folders).

My new problem (yesterday and today) is that opening a message in Drafts
brings up an editor window with the correct address and subject, but no
message body.


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