[Evolution] Filter/vFolder on mailing list now matches domains

Hi All,

Just thought i'd let people know i've changed the way filtering and
vfoldering on mailing lists works a little bit; as defined when you
create the rule using the menu's.

It now tries to determine domain info for your rule.

If the rule doesn't have domaine info in it though (a previously
defined rule, or a manually edited one), then it will ignore domain
info.  If you want to create a new rule and disable domain matching,
just remove the @domain part from it, it will still match just based
on the list name (which for example, helps with old gnome-hackers mail
that moved server).

So existing filter and vfolder rules should not be affected, except
for one case.

The old code for matchng against some lists that use List-Id only as
the list identification mechanism was very wrong and has been redone.
If you have any match mailing list filters or vfolders that stop
working, you may have to recreate them (and may also have to force
evooution to rebuild summaries, since they cache this information).

This shouldn't affect many lists (none of the ximian or gnome lists I
believe), but just incase 'heads up' (i might've accidentally
broken some rules, but i got jeff to check, they should be ok).

This minor breakage was much 'cheaper' to do thatn it would be after

If you dont know why this change was necessary, think of poor people
who might be webmaster lots of different hosts ...


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